Dec 102013

So we had a couple of clear nights.. got some nice shots of the Horsehead nebula and M1. the Crab nebula.

These images were taken with narrowband filters, looking at the hydrogen-alpha (red) OIII-Oxygen (green) and SII-Sodium(blue) wavelengths.


Nov 232013

Starting to go through my images I have taken but not processed or posted.. I have many to process so look forward to more to come.


Messier 72NGC 869Ring Nebula

Nov 052013

Getting it closer. taking my time this time around, customizing things more to how I want it to look and feel.

Go over to the Astrophotography pages and see my images.. still working on the presentation, but I think I am done with the thumbnail presentation. now for the image viewer.


Oct 232013

Welcome to my new version of the website. I had it completely rebuilt once, deleted another version of the website and didnt realize the new site was in a sub-directory of the original site.

So it begins once more.